Thursday, 8 July 2010

Madonna Videos - papa don't preach - frozen - 4 minutes

Papa Don't Preach - In this video Madonna presents herself as a vulnerable teenager who has fallen in love and has become pregnant. In the video Madonna has short blonde hair which is similar to Marilyn Monroe who is a massive role model for people in the 80's. This is a clear sign that Madonna had not yet established her own image in the music industry.

Frozen - This video largely differs from papa dont preach. In papa dont preach Madonna is telling a story and relating herself to people with un-supportive family members/ that are pregnant and teens in love In frozen she is not telling a story. It is more abstract with the crows and the big black dog. In frozen she has more of a distinctive and individual look, wearing a big black pvc dress that is flowing all over the place. The frozen video does not tell a story like papa dont preach.

4 Minutes - 4 Minutes was where the new and current Madonna emerge and set a new style to the nation. In the 4 minutes video Madonna is wearing very little clothes which shows off her brand new slim figure. From the way the choreograph is performed Madonna has been made to look much younger than she is, which has worked to an extent. However she performs a lot of dance routines/moves to show the world she still has it. In the video Madonna and a young Justin Timberlake are taking off each others clothes to show they are both sexy. Also by the two big celebrities colabrating brings together two different target audiences.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

practise magazine advert

Genre for the advert is heavy metal, as it's dark and mysterious. we used this font to make it look more mysterious and gothic as we thought it'd fit in with the genre we decided it was.



Other artists promotional posterts, like kanye West's above, is basic but still strong. The poster is suggesting that kanye brings colour or originality to his music, "the power of rap/hip hop is in his hands"


here is t-pains recent album cover once again showing he is the center of the hip/hop rap game. This shows a genre charateristics are arrogance.

Photograph resarch for digipack

We decided one of our research tasks would be to look at the type of photos that are found on music adverts that fit our genre of music. As our genre is hiphop/rap and our singers consist of two males and a female, our band is a lot like N-Dubz.
We also wanted to spend a lot of time perfecting the pictures that will feature on our poster and inside our digipak as we feel it is one of the most important part. If the visuals are not correct then the instant attraction will be lost.
N-Dubz have quite a glamorous yet "gangster" image. They tend to match their outfits in photos and in their music videos, which makes
them seem like more of a band and really links them together. The use of the same colour in their outfits is simple yet effective. In our pictures that we will take of our band we will make sure that their outfits correspond and that they look like they are in a band together.

In our digipak we will include different pictures of the band. We also wanted to include some pictures of locations, for example the locations we used in our video in the green room. The background of graffiti were pictures that we had taken and we would also include those pictures in the digipak as the background to a picture of the band.

Magazine Adverts Research

Our first magazine idea is to do something along the lines of how n-dubz present themselves as we are also a group of two guys and a girl. We thought that we would just use the way they stand in their posters and create some a strong presence in the photo, so make sure they are different to all the other current bands. We are also looking at the way they layout their adverts to make sure people don't miss out on it.

This is an advert for there video playing with fire. What makes this video stands out is how define and clear the pictures are and how the title of their song is display a different colour to the rest of the advert making it impossible to miss. They have also put a disply of fire to match their title of the song.

This is an example of the cover of their cd disc. It clearly states their name in big bold letters, has a great picture of the band which represents the genre of music there are in. Then at the botton it has the title of their cd.

This is an advert for their newest album. The pictur catches the eye of the reader as it's in your face and really colourful. In bottom left hand corner it says what's on the album and familiar songs they have released as singles to make you want to buy the CD if you've heard them all ready and liked them. The has the title of CD nice and clear.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Still Images

Rebecca Hewings
Bar Hill Skate Park
Ollie Theunissen
Ryan Gorman
Still images from our music intro task.
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